Protect your PC/Laptop with Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus is one of the dominant service providers to counter information and data since 1991. In this new era and continuous change in technology, cybercriminals coming up with new threats daily by breaching security and taking out your vital data and information to harm you. If you want to save your precious money and data from these cybercriminals then is the finest option to you for the best security.




There are some benefits of Norton antivirus which are as follows;

  • To prevent the virus from reaching your system Norton uses defense layer protection.
  • It undoubtedly scans the messages and emails for distrustful links and attachments to protect your money and identity.
  • Norton uses SONAR behavioral protection to monitor your PC/Laptop. It protects your device from doubtful behavior to quickly detect new attacks and threats.
  • Norton uses silent mode suspends alert and update factor in their antivirus so that you will not get disrupted while watching movies or playing games on your device.
  • Norton antivirus protection system gives you numerous coating of protection to determine and freeze threats more quickly and efficiently in comparison to other technologies.
  • Norton has a smart two-way firewall characteristic which makes security arrangement without letting you know to defend your files and personal information.
  • A website set up which is made by online scammers or hackers to steal your money, passwords, identity or personal information, Norton introduces Antiphishing technology which prevents fraudulent phishing.
  • Norton has a monthly description tells the system which let you know what Norton has done to protect your system.
  • Norton has a vulnerability protection guard security hole in your operating system, browsers, applications, and browser plug-ins, to block the threat from staring into your device.
  • Norton download intelligence 2.0 helps you to point out a download file or application whether it is safe or not before you install any file or run in your computer.
  • Smart driven Norton insight technology point out those files only which are at risk for fewer, faster and shorter scans.

You can also Renew Norton product key by following these simple steps given below;


  • go to start menu list and click on Norton antivirus.
  • Next, to devise security, go to My Norton window.
  • Click on an open button and go to the main window.
  • Click on help for renewing the subscription.
  • You will see Account Information Window, enter the product key there.
  • You can type renewal code also depending on what you have.
  • Now click on the OK button to complete the procedure.